Fan Engagement: University & College Tour 2016

I'm planning a tour of colleges / universities in 2016 to help students learn about the concept of Fan / Supporter Engagement and understand how it supports sports club growth.

How can clubs at every level of every sport grow sustainably? We know it's not about winning as, for the vast majority of us, that's not possible to control and, if we spoke to our supporters, we'd probably uncover a whole different set of reasons why they're connected to us in the first place.

But few people even agree on a common definition of 'fan engagement'. Is it all about application marketing, social media and digital engagement or is it something more fundamental - something more 'analogue' - based on our followers' deeper motivations? Is it therefore about culture and strategy?

The Football League has seen an increase of 5 million in the numbers of youngsters attending their games in the past 6 years. This is not accidental. It's the result of a carefully planned programme of support and feedback.

This and other case studies will inform the content, so if your university or colleague offers sports marketing, business studies or customer engagement qualifications and courses, I'd love to come and inspire your students.

If you're interested in hosting me, please contact me via No fees charged - but travel / accommodation expenses would apply.

The Fan Experience Company

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We create value and growth in sports, entertainment and other non-traditional customer environments.

Sport transcends 'brand'. It's no ordinary customer relationship and needs to be properly understood if you're going to put the fan first and stay ahead of the game. To do this you need the right mindset and that’s where we come in:

  • Fan feedback on match/game day experiences
  • Access to our international multi-sport fan engagement best practice database
  • Effective fan consultation and engagement programmes
  • Events, briefings and training sessions
  • Unique value and growth measurement tools

Get in touch and let's talk about fans.

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