The Fan Experience Company is delighted to announce it has agreed a strategic partnership with award winning sports content specialists Final Third Sports Media.

The two companies will join forces on several new projects, aimed at taking supporter engagement to new levels through the use of pioneering fan experience strategies, new media innovation and the creation of exclusive, captivating content.

The link-up will strengthen The Fan Experience Company’s reputation as leading fan engagement experts while increasing the range of support available to rights holders, leagues, associations, clubs and brands.

Mark Bradley, Founder of The Fan Experience Company, said: “The most sustainable businesses are built on what matters most to their customers and sport is no different.

“Sports businesses grow by engaging with fans, better understanding their needs and motivations and by creating experiences that make them feel valued, and our fan engagement strategies are helping the industry to do this.

“Final Third Sports Media are heavily involved across all media sectors in many different sports, here and abroad and their expertise in new media, communications and relationship innovation adds considerable strength to our offer.”

Chris Rivett, Managing Director of Final Third Sports Media, said: With our use of innovative new media platforms we have seen how content can be used to aid supporter enjoyment and how powerful and positive that can be from every perspective in the sporting space.

“The Fan Experience Company is at the forefront of improving fan engagement in sport and by partnering with them, we believe we can enhance the great work they are already doing and offer a complete solution with which to improve the matchday experience, strengthen supporter relationships and create enduring growth." 

The Fan Experience Company

(A division of Mark Bradley Projects Ltd)

We create value and growth in sports, entertainment and other non-traditional customer environments.

Sport transcends 'brand'. It's no ordinary customer relationship and needs to be properly understood if you're going to put the fan first and stay ahead of the game. To do this you need the right mindset and that’s where we come in:

  • Fan feedback on match/game day experiences
  • Access to our international multi-sport fan engagement best practice database
  • Effective fan consultation and engagement programmes
  • Events, briefings and training sessions
  • Unique value and growth measurement tools

Get in touch and let's talk about fans.


"At last, someone speaking sense in the sports world! Putting fans first is the starting point for any sustainable stadium business. And the Fan Experience Company is leading the way."
Ian Nuttall, TheStadiumBusiness

"Mark Bradley and The Fan Experience Company are looking out for spectators at sporting events by challenging teams to truly think fan first. In a sense, he's turning the sports world on its head in a truly positive way. Teams should think fan first - and Mark and his work are pointing teams in the proper direction."
Bart Wiley, Seattle Sounders FC

"Can't think of a better partner for anyone contemplating changing the culture of their organisation. What he effectively did was to open our eyes here at Cardiff City. Thanks to his support and guidance we've been able to change people's perceptions of the Club and achieve record levels of growth."
Julian Jenkins, Cardiff City FC

"There are many Football League clubs who have benefited from Mark's insight into supporter retention. They've used this as part of their strategy for growth and have increased their fan base on a season by season basis."
Andrea Brown, The Football League

"If you want to hear the usual old tosh about 'putting customers first' then Mark's not your man. I've heard thousands of people talking about customer service but Mark's the only one with anything useful to say on the subject."
Adrian Chiles, ITV Sport

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